CKME Management Platform

A platform for Management Professionals

CENTRE OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE is a consortium of researchers, industry experts and management professionals that work toward augmenting knowledge and recognizing true excellence in the field of Management. The centre enables the stakeholders to collaborate across disciplines and institutions to build a platform which fosters a knowledge building environment and shares prevalent industry practices.

A Boquet of 15 management Journals  under CKME banner acts as a power house of management research repository, large number of academic experts , industry campaigns and key decision makers bring uniqueness to these journals covering HR, Advertising, Marketing, Management, Production, finance, brand etc.

Conferences are breading ground of ideas and networking, CKME conducts several management related conferences involving academicians , professionals and industry stalwarts. CKME also associates and tie-ups with management institutes and bodies to jointly conduct such conferences or help them in successfully arranging e-Conferences by leveraging CKME resources and expertise.

New Management Training programs are key to viral growth and success of any individual and organization, as new insights are found expert management professionals convert these insights into step by step success mantras and skill oriented programs which are unique and result oriented. CKME invites management GURU's to convert their knowledge into such brilliant result oriented programs which help students , professionals and decision makers.

CKME publishes management subject related books under its imprint , these books could be under any subject of management and are based on self publication model. CKME  team helps new authors to understand the requirement's and easily convert their knowledge into revenue source and skill repository for readers. 

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