CKME is known to alleviate the perplexity and trepidation involved in the process of getting a book published. If you have the content to write a book, CKME team backs it up with its smooth and impeccable process of transforming the content into a book.

You can associate with us as Authors/Editors/Reviewers for below-mentioned Books.

  1. Strategies for digital marketing and E-business
  2. Market Research and Information System
  3. Understanding Advertising and its Concepts
  4. Strategic Management
  5. Product and Brand Management
  6. Understanding Human Resource Management
  7. Consumer Analysis and Marketing Strategy
  8. Strategic Human Resource Management
  9. Organizational Structure and HRM Planning
  10. Career and Succession Planning
  11. Employee Training and Management Development
  12. International Human Resource Management
  13. Introduction to Business Analytics
  14. Concepts and Principals of MIS
  15. Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  16. Operation Research for Management Professionals
  17. Facets of Entrepreneurship
  18. Fundamentals of Income Tax
  19. Fundamentals of Financial Management
  20. Cost Accounting for Management Professionals
  21. Disaster and Business Continuity Management
  22. The Business Policy and Laws
  23. Corporate and Social Responsibility

Benefits for Authors/Editors

  • Free of Cost Publication
  • Free Online and Printed Certificate
  • Separate biography page in the book
  • Royalty for Author/Editor
  • The free Sample copy of the book**

Benefits for Reviewer

  • The Reviewer’s name will be printed in the List of Reviewers
  • Free Online and Printed Certificate
  • Reviewing the book will add to the CV
  • The free Sample copy of the book**

→ If you are interested kindly send us your CV and Title of the book then we will send you further details.

Note: Reviewers/Authors/Editors gain access to fresh/new ideas in their area(s) of expertise. 

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