Series 10: Financial Management

BOOK 1: Financial Management for Business Professionals (Author: Poonam Sharma)
Chapter -1 financial statements
Chapter 2: Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements
Chapter 3: Fund Flow Statement
Chapter 4: Cash Flow Statement
Chapter 5: Difference between funds flow and cash flow statement
Chapter 6: Ratio Analysis

BOOK 2: Fundamentals of Income Tax (Author: Rajat Krishna Lal)

BOOK 3: Foreign Exchange Management (Author: Shalini Aggarwal)
Chapter -1 Foreign Exchange Market
Chapter 2: Currency Forward Markets
Chapter 3: Currency Future Contracts
Chapter 4: Currency Options Market
Chapter 5: Currency Swaps

BOOK 4: Fundamentals of Financial Management (Author: Ashish Nag & Binny Rawat)