Series 2: Advertising and Brand Management

BOOK 1: Understanding Advertising and its Concepts
Chapter 1: Introduction to Advertising.
Chapter 2: Advertising- Meaning, Understanding and concept.
Chapter 3: The Growth of Advertising.
Chapter 4: The Role of Advertising.
Chapter 5: The Importance of Creativity in Advertising.
Chapter 6: Advertising Campaigns.
Chapter 7: Advertising Appeals.
Chapter 8: Advertising Execution.

BOOK 2: Strategic Management (AUTHOR: BINOD SINHA)
Chapter 01: Strategic Marketing Management – Introduction and Overview
Chapter 02: Strategy Formulation
Chapter 3: External and Customer Analysis.
Chapter 4: Competitor Analysis.
Chapter 5: Market Analysis.
Chapter 6: Environmental Analysis and Strategic Uncertainty.
Chapter 7: Internal Analysis.
Chapter 8: Creating Advantage – Synergy and Vision versus Opportunism.
Chapter 9: Strategic Options: Quality and Brand Equity.
Chapter 10: Strategic Options: Value, Focus, Innovation and Customer Relationships.
Chapter 11: Strategic Positioning.
Chapter 12: Diversification
Chapter 13: Strategies in Declining and Hostile Markets
Chapter 14: Global Strategies.
Chapter 15: Specific Strategic Initiatives
Chapter 16: Organizational Issues.
Chapter 17: Marketing Strategy Evaluation

BOOK 3: Product and Brand Management (AUTHOR: SERVJAETA VERMA)
Chapter 1: Introduction to Product Management.
Chapter 2: The Practice of Product Management.
Chapter 3: The CORE Connective Skills of Product Management.
Chapter 4: Marketing Planning and Defining the Competitive Set
Chapter 5: Category Attractiveness Analysis
Chapter 6: Competitor Analysis and Customer Analysis
Chapter 7: Developing Product Strategy
Chapter 8: New Products Pricing Decisions
Chapter 9: Advertising Decisions and Channel Management
Chapter 10: Service and Direct Customer-Based Marketing

BOOK 4: New Media
Chapter 1: Media Planning Essentials.
Chapter 2: Media Planning: Newspapers, Magazines, Television and Radio.
Chapter 3: Media Planning: Advertising and IBP in Digital/Interactive Media.
Chapter 4: Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising on Digital and Interactive Media.
Chapter 5: Public Relation and Publicity on the Internet.
Chapter 6: Direct Marketing /E-commerce on the Internet.
Chapter 7: Using Social Media for Advertising and IBP.
Chapter 8: Measuring the effectiveness of Digital/Interactive Advertising and IBP.