Series 5: Business Ethics, Ethos & CSR

BOOK 1: Introduction to Business Analytics (Author: Kamakshaiah Musunuru)

BOOK 2: Business Ethics and Cultural Relativism (Author: Heena Lakhani)
Chapter 1: What is Business Ethics?
Chapter 2: The Place of Business Ethics
Chapter 3: Is Business Ethics Necessary?
Chapter 4: Overview of Business Ethics Workshop
Chapter 5: What is Cultural Relativism?
Chapter 6: Nietzsche’s Eternal Return of the same
Chapter 7: Cultural Ethics
Chapter 8: Discourse Ethics
Chapter 9: Ethics of Care
Chapter 10: The cheat Sheet- Rules of Thumbs in applied Ethics

BOOK 3: Corporate and Social Responsibility
Chapter 1: What Kind of Business Organizations Are There?
Chapter 2: Three Theories of Corporate Social Responsibility
Chapter 3: Should Corporations Have Social Responsibilities? The Arguments in Favor
Chapter 4: Should Corporations Have Social Responsibilities? The Arguments Against
Chapter 5: The Environment
Chapter 6: Ethical Approaches to Environmental Protection
Chapter 7: Three Models of Environmental Protection for Businesses.