About CKME

CENTRE OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE is a consortium of researchers, industry experts and management professionals that work toward augmenting knowledge and recognizing true excellence in the field of Management. The centre enables the stakeholders to collaborate across disciplines and institutions to build a platform which fosters a knowledge building environment and shares prevalent industry practices.


  • To Standout as an exclusive centre for diffusion of knowledge, progressive research and training in the management domain.
  • We  seek to associate and collaborate with all knowledge seekers and stake holders to unite at a single platform and mutually share/ exchange ideas, views, experiences, news, updates and developments freely using the Centre of Knowledge Management Excellence (CKME) platform.


  • To improve the quality of material published in research papers, review articles with the help of programs like conferences.
  • To introduce e-learning programs which cater to the needs of modern management professionals who prefer learning while working.
  • To redefine the domain of books by introducing products rich in content as well adhering to the modern educational needs.
  • To provide a platform for management researchers to have their content recognized with the help of journals.


  • Scholars
  • Researchers
  • Professionals
  • Academicians
  • Entrepreneurs

Products covered by CKME

  • Management Journals
  • Management Books
  • Management Training Programs
  • Management Conferences

You can associate with us as Author/Editor/Training Programmed Mentor and Subscriber.

For more info or any query.

Mail Us: supriya@celnet.in||Tel: (+91) 120 4781218/219

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