Training Program

CKME (Centre of Knowledge Management Excellence) is a fast-growing, technology-driven organization taking one step above in the world of e-learning with revolutionizing the Live Training Programs which covers every area of science, management, medical and technology.

Based on your eminent contributions in research,  we welcome you as a Speaker to share the latest growing idea of your field through our platform to the worldwide students. Also we invite your students to join our other live training programs to improve their skills and performance.

In the world of fast-paced environment like ours, it is propitious to have a channel for interactive training and knowledge sharing programs to enable students and professionals to deepen their understanding of the subject which otherwise would be an extremely time-consuming and daunting task considering the paucity of time to attend a classroom training program.


  • Brand Management & Global Marketing
  • Management and Organisational Behavior
  • Entrepreneurship & Future Analysis
  • Leadership & Strategic Management 
  • Operations Research & Management
  • Logistics Performance Management
  • Education, Training and Development Practices
  • Performance Management & Retention Strategies
  • Consumer Behavior and Market Research
  • Financial Planning and Management

Programs are not limited to the mentioned topics; we are inviting new innovative training program apart from these, to begin please come up with your own training program titles with briefs.

Mandatory information required for Speaker:

1. Short Biography with Name
2. Email
3. Contact No.
4. Experience (In Years)
5. Academic and leadership position
6. Experience in Speaker (If Any)

Benefits Provided:

1. Online Certificate.
2. Promotion by Blogs and Websites.
3. Invitation for Upcoming Online Conference.
4. Discounts offered in Books and Journals.

The focus audience of our first live training program, will mostly be young professional management students, from all around the world.

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